Reseller Policy

Reseller Policy

Last Updated: June 30, 2023

MrBeast.Store strives to ensure that our customers can enjoy our products without fear of adulteration, mishandling or spoliation.  Our products are intended and designed for sale only through MrBeast.Store and our authorized third-party distributors and sellers (“Authorized Partners”).  This Reseller Policy helps ensure our customers receive authentic products and quality service, and thereby protects MrBeast.Store’s brand in the marketplace. This Reseller Policy strictly prohibits the distribution or sale of MrBeast.Store products by unauthorized resellers.  Unauthorized resale, even of seemingly genuine products, harms customers and MrBeast.Store.  This Policy is intended to inform consumers and resellers, and explains the steps we take to deter unauthorized resellers.

Authorized Partners. Authorized Partners are businesses we trust.  They are authorized by contracts with MrBeast.Store to help make our products available in the marketplace.  Authorized Partners must meet specific storage, safety, hygiene and recycling requirements, and similarly, MrBeast.Store must meet their standards as well.  We use site visits, customer feedback and other measures to ensure those requirements are met.  As of the Last Updated date above, our US Authorized Partners include: Beastables. When sold by an Authorized Partner, MrBeast.Store products stay within our chain of distribution.  Maintaining our chain of distribution helps us ensure product authenticity, ingredient integrity and hygiene and safety standards.  For these reasons, MrBeast.Store can only offer customer support for purchases from us and Authorized Partners.

Unauthorized Sellers. An “unauthorized reseller” is anyone selling products labeled as MrBeast.Store products outside our website and our Authorized Partner channels.  Unauthorized resellers may, among other things: (i) relabel and/or reseal other liquid products as MrBeast.Store products and/or in MrBeast.Store packaging, (ii) adulterate or dilute genuine MrBeast.Store products, (iii) resell genuine MrBeast.Store products that have been improperly stored or handled (such as by exposure to extended periods of freezing or high temperatures or UV light), (iv) resell genuine MrBeast.Store products marked as “not for retail sale” (or similar) or recalled from the marketplace, and/or (v) resell genuine MrBeast.Store products months or years after the date when an Authorized Reseller would no longer be permitted to sell them for quality, freshness or other reasons. In many cases, unauthorized resellers do not know whether the products they resell fall into the foregoing categories. Unauthorized resellers harm our mission and brand by compromising our ability to ensure that products with the MrBeast.Store name have been manufactured, shipped, stored and sold in accordance with our stringent integrity requirements.  Our marketplace monitoring shows that sales of unauthorized products routinely generate disproportionate customer support inquiries and poorer customer feedback.  This damages MrBeast.Store’s reputation for quality, integrity and satisfaction.


Unauthorized resellers do not have our consent to sell merchandise labeled as MrBeast.Store products.  This includes anyone who obtains genuine MrBeast.Store products, even if purchased at clearance, and later resell them on marketplaces like eBay or Alibaba. MrBeast.Store products may not be sold by unauthorized resellers under any circumstances. Any sale or suspected sale of MrBeast.Store products by an unauthorized reseller will be reported to us and our marketplace-integrity partners. 

MrBeast.Store Action. Because many resellers are not aware of the how their activities harm us and our customers, we strive to avoid adversarial language in our initial communications with them.  Unauthorized resellers are generally first contacted by one of our marketplace-integrity partners. However, we take legal action whenever necessary to defend the integrity of our products and our customers’ satisfaction.  If our initial efforts are ignored, MrBeast.Store will pursue formal actions against an unauthorized reseller.  Formal actions may include the initiation of lawsuits and notifications to third parties enabling the unauthorized reseller, like marketplaces (which generally prohibit inaccurate or misleading information in product pages).  These actions may result in financial penalties and suspension or loss of marketplace access.

To notify us of a suspected unauthorized sale of MrBeast.Store products, please contact us at: